About us

Reaching out to a global audience


In a world increasingly fascinated by the visual medium, Vidhi believes it is possible to play important national and international roles through film. Within Pakistan, the company seeks to contribute to the field of creative arts by using imagination, creativity and enterprise, to help audiences re-discover secular political practices, strengthen social pluralism and play its part in a vibrant cultural resurgence. At the same time, through stimulating stories and compelling tales well-told, Vidhi aims to reach international audiences and encourage them to question and re-think their perspective on global issues and the role of their governments.

Vidhi Films


Opportunities to collaborate together, create together


The work of Vidhi Films in media, research and social change offers a range of opportunities for collaboration and partnership, primarily in three areas; Film production, outreach and political education, and technical training. 

Film Production: Several narrative feature films are already at various stages of scripting and development. This work-in-progress portfolio currently includes: ‘Dawaat Nama, ‘The Judgement‘, and ‘ Zindagi ki Rehguzar‘ as well as a feature length documentary ‘Azmaish.’

Outreach and political education: In a country marked by high levels of illiteracy, Vidhi Films believe cinema is a powerful vehicle for political education and social change in Pakistan. Hence over the last several years they have screened films and generated discussion and debate in many small towns and remote villages through a traveling cinema where people have no access to movie theaters.

Technical Training: In the absence of film schools in Pakistan, Vidhi Films believe it is essential to build a professional base for filmmaking. Through workshops, interactions with international experts and hands-on experience, over two hundred Pakistani actors and crew members have already been trained.