About us.

We are a Film Production Company that also conducts workshops for filmmakers.

The medium. The message. The mission.

Photo by Zeeshan Haider

In a world increasingly fascinated by the visual medium, Vidhi believes it is possible to play important national and international roles through film. Within Pakistan, the company seeks to contribute to the field of creative arts by using imagination, creativity and enterprise, to help audiences re-discover secular political practices, strengthen social pluralism and play its part in a vibrant cultural resurgence. At the same time, through stimulating stories and compelling tales well told, Vidhi aims to reach international audiences and encourage them to question and re-think their perspective on global issues and the role of their governments.

Some achievements:

  • ‘Who Will Cast The First Stone’ led to quashing of death-by-stoning sentence for Shahida Parveen, accused of adultery.
  • The film also won the Golden Gate Award at San Francisco International Film Festival
  • ‘For a Place Under the Heavens’ kicked off a critical debate on women wearing the hijab in the Muslim world.