Reaching out to a global audience and market

Photo by Zeeshan Haider

Vidhi was established as a private limited company in Karachi in 1992. Today, it has grown to be the only independent film company in Pakistan with a long established collaboration with European broadcasters and funding organizations. Over the years, it has evolved mutually beneficial relationships with world sales agents and distributors in Europe and North America. For at Vidhi, a considerable emphasis is placed on successful distribution and sale of films. Much of the work of the company has been invited to major international films festivals, bought by TV station in the UK, Europe and North America and distributed worldwide to human rights organizations, women’s groups and educational institutions.

Vidhi’s debut feature film Khamosh Pani / Silent Waters (2003) was produced in collaboration with ZDF/Arte, Khamosh Pani is the first Pakistani film to win international acclaim and to have had a worldwide theatrical release.

Some achievements:
  • ‘Silent Waters’ put Pakistan on the map of World Cinema
  • It was the first Pakistani film released commercially in India in 35 years. It pioneered India- Pakistan dialogue on cultural exchange through film.
  • The film premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland, August 2003. Won the Golden Leopard for Best Film and Leopard for Best Actress.
  • Invited for its North American premiere to the Sundance Film Festival marking it as South Asia’s first entry into the festival
  • The film travelled the world and earned 16 more awards, including the Audience Award at the Festival des 3 Continents in Nantes, France and Best Director, Women and Film Section at Mar del Plata, Argentina.