Getz Pharma Film Future Awards

At the end of the second part of the Scriptwriting Workshops, one of the sponsors, Getz Pharma generously decided to reward the most promising scripts with the Getz Pharma Film Future Awards. This is very encouraging for our Writers as they continue working on their scripts.

The recipients of the awards included Dostain Baloch, Zakir Daad Baloch, Shumaila Khan and Fatima Ijaz and Shireen Khan and Irfan Khan.

The certificates and cash prizes were awarded to the participants by the CEO of Getz Pharma Mr. Khalid Mahmood during the awards ceremony held on the 27th of September 2019.

This is not all, more awards to be given at the end of the third and final part of the workshops from 2nd to 11th of December 2019, for the best script.

Mr. Khalid Mahmood’s speech for the awards ceremony.
Sabiha Sumar opens the awards ceremony.
Shireen Khan and his partner Irfan Khan win best script in progress.
Shumaila Khan and Fatima Ijaz win best script in progess.
Zakir Daad Baloch wins best script in progress.
Dostain Baloch wins best script in progress.
Khalid Mahmood
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