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In 2016 Open Doors began its valuable contribution to develop film culture by bringing filmmakers to Locarno, the Hub and Lab to learn about international co-productions and the art of pitching. While Pakistan was the focus from 2016 to 2018, Open Doors recognised the need to support Pakistani filmmakers to take the first step in preparing a strong script that can attract the attention of European film partners. With this in mind, Open Doors initiated a 4 day introductory film development workshop with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan.

In doing so, Open Doors also recognised this support needs to continue beyond the Hub and Lab so that Pakistani filmmakers are mentored to take advantage of international film forums and markets in time to come.

Parallel to this, Vidhi Films has been working on skills development workshops for filmmakers for several years and shares with Open Doors the concern for developing scriptwriting.

Our objective is to open the workshops to Pakistanis living in all four provinces of the country. In order to do that we are sensitive to the fact that not everyone thinks in English and though some very talented writers exist they are unable to compete in the European market because of language constraints.

Writers wishing to pursue their work in local languages may write to and inquire if their prefered langauge tutor is available. We urge such writers to send in their Letter of Inquiry at the earliest.

Aim and Approach

The workshops are geared to the long-term and intensive mentoring of Pakistani talent through three workshops, spread over July, September and December, 2019.

They are project-driven, hands-on workshops that aim to familiarise participants with the basic skills of cinematic story telling. The workshops will use the participants’ projects as working tools and focus on laying the foundational elements of a screenplay.

The workshops will be conducted in English language but where required Urdu or another local language assistance may be provided.

The program will provide intensive training for two weeks each, in July, September and December. During the in-between months participants are required to continue writing pages based on the feedback they have received during the workshops. Two Skype sessions will be arranged during the interim writing process (outside of workshops) for trouble shooting, making the writing process smoother and making it possible for writers to receive feedback throughout their writing process.


Workshops are designed to produce completed first draft of screenplay by each participant.


Participants must be committed to all workshops till December. Participants must be primary writers of the screenplay that will be developed during the workshop. Only primary writers are invited to the workshops; primary writers who are directors as well may also apply. In case of co-writers, exceptions will be made.

The workshop will cover travel and accommodation for selected participants residing outside of Karachi city.

Application Criteria

Workshops are free of cost sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan, Vidhi Films and Getz Pharma.

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