The training program will be conducted over a period of two weeks in July from 15th to 26th, two weeks in September from 16th to 27th and from 2nd to 11th in December. All days are full working days. Attendance at evening film screenings is mandatory.

The writing process is continuous from the start of the first workshop until the third workshop in December.

All selected participants must be committed to completing a first draft of their screenplays by November 2019 as given below.

July Workshop

Selected participants will start using their treatments to flesh out an outline of their screenplays into Acts 1, 2 & 3. This will be done through a series of writing exercises, discussions and feedback from co-participants and tutors.

Intervening period

After the end of the first workshop participants will continue to develop their scripts based on the training they have received. In the intervening time from the end of the July workshop to the beginning of the second workshop in September, tutors will be in touch with the participants to help them through the writing process. At least two Skype sessions will be organised between each participant and tutor during this time.

Participants come back in September with their individual screenplays developed upto midpoint.

September Workshop

In the September workshop participants will continue writing and developing the scripts further with specific one-on-one student-tutor feedback discussing strengths and weaknesses of each participant’s writing with the aim of bringing a well developed and finished first draft to the final workshop in December.

Intervening period

Again in the intervening time, participants will be supported with feedback and progress will be monitored by tutors. Two Skype meetings with the tutor will be arranged for each participant. Prior to each meeting participants are required to email their pages to the relevant tutor.

Submission of first draft

By the third week of November participants are required to email their complete first drafts to their respective tutors who will provide notes to each student.

December Workshop

The third workshop in December is divided into two parts. Part One will focus on revising the draft participants submitted in November.

The second part of the workshop under the sub-heading The Business of Films will be open to directors and/or producers attached to the writers as well as industry professionals.

In this workshop participants will learn how to prepare for the international market; strategising for international film festivals, what to expect and how to pitch their script to interested European co-producers, broadcasters and sales agents. This session will be led by the Open Doors team and will be a mix of plenary sessions and small group workshops.


All workshops will be held in Karachi. The venue will be Getz Pharma.