List of Participants for Scriptwriting Workshops

Vidhi Films in collaboration with Open Doors, Locarno Film Festival is proud to announce the participants for the Scriptwriting Workshops 2019.

  • Baluchistan Anthology by Shireen Khan and Muhammad Khan
  • Before the Morning by Umar Saeed 
  • Cut Open by Shumaila and Fatima
  • Gulalea by Hajra Panezai 
  • Haani Zindagi by Dostain Baluch 
  • Naashi by Zakir Daad Baluch
  • Nazia by Rahul Aijaz
  • Qazaf by Sadeq  Naseri 
  • Shappuki by Farhad Jamali
  • Sinful Money by Saadia Jabbar

Thank you to everyone who sent in their treatments, we hope to work with you in the future.

Vidhi Films will be getting in touch with the selected participants soon.

Workshops are free of cost sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan, Vidhi Films and Getz Pharma.